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The Rules of the forum

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The Rules of the forum Empty The Rules of the forum

Post by Espeon1296 on Sat Mar 13, 2010 10:41 pm

Follow all of the below or be punished!

1. Please speak in English.
2. No flaming or fighting at all.
3. No bashing or insulting.
4. No theft or plagarism (We will ban you immediatley).
5. No asking for personal information (credit cards, etc).
6. No drug discussion.
7. No impersonating.
8. Respect the administrators - they are the reason this forum is here.
9. Do not act like a total fool.
10. If you're an enemy from another forum, it's recommended that you leave.
11. No asking for powers. It'll reduce your chances.
12. No spamming. Spam stands for Stupid Pointless Annoying Messages.
13. Do not beg for stuff (Mod, Admin, battles, etc.)
14. You Are Completely Responsible of your Information, Account and Personal information (In other words, do not give passwords, personal info, etc.)
15. Don't Hack, Crack Passwords, or Troll
16. No Spyware
17. No Racism
18. Do not advertise UNLESS an Admin has given you permission. (must have valid proof.)
19. Other members of your family (Brothers, sisters, cousin, etc.) should have their own account, not use someone elses account. If they flame with their Brothers/sisters/cousins account, we could falsely accuse them that way.
20. when making a post, use more than 5 words. [Note : this does not apply to the forum games]
21. Do not make fun of ANY staff members (If the staff member reports you to an admin, regardless of the location, you will be infracted/warned, or if it's bad enough, banned.)
22. NO sexual content at all (goes for words too)
23. Respect ALL your fellow members.
24. Do not complain about the rules. This is futile and annoying.
25. Do NOT Make an admin(or any staff for that matter) Angry.
Thank you for reading

Edit by Espeon1296/Albus : All infractions point sizes will be changed depending on how bad they broke it.
Ban lengths :
1st ban : 4-5 days
2nd ban : 1-2 weeks
3rd ban : 3 weeks - 1 month
4th ban : forever.

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