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Thu Feb 15, 2018 2:26 am by Unnamed Protagonist

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Badass...Part 2.

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Badass...Part 2.

Post by Dusknoir on Thu Feb 15, 2018 2:09 am

Yoooooooooooo, got me joked if you thought I forgot about this place. New computer and I still remember the link/login. What's real good?


It's your young man here, Dusknoir/HeartBreakDusky/HBK/HBD/Dusky/2Fly2Furious/Showstopper-Headliner-MainEvent/tunechi
It's been a minute since we here. Busy busy, but I do stop and remember the place I enjoyed spending my time on here. Time just keeps going, huh? Stops for no one. Glad to see the place is still up. Lot of shit happened, so I'm gonna drop the update.

*School is meh, but I work at a Pharmacy. I love it. I love the crew there. We feel like a team, and that's all I ever wanted.
*Mom had to go to hospital. Kind of insane that for a moment, I almost lost her, but she's good now. Stuff in the brain is no joke.
*Overwatch consumed me, but has finally settled down. A new horror has returned tho...Pokemon Go.
*I got on a plane! shit was lit, thought I was VIP for a moment. Vacation with the babes is awesome.
*Ya boi may get married. RIGHT? THE HEART BREAK KID? MARRIED?!?! Haven't decided yet. After my girlfriend is done with college and becomes a teacher, we're gonna move in together, but it's also been a while so it may just be that time. She knows nothing tho, if anything, I got her convinced that no where time soon, but who knows? I do have to win a bet with Ivan, though...100 dollars on the line.
*Haven't really been on the internet scene, forums and stuff. Stayed loyal to this group, but maybe one day. Right now, Internet is for Youtube and games. and eh, homework.
*Miss everyone! Miss the good and bad times. Shit was lit back then.

Anyways, that's all I can think of in the past 10 minutes to write down. Shoutout to my forever niggas, yung Espeon and Zidane. and to other niggas I can't remember but know they should be mentioned. Catch my Discord at HeartBreakDusky #4759. hmu squad squad

And of course, always remember





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Re: Badass...Part 2.

Post by Unnamed Protagonist on Thu Feb 15, 2018 2:26 am

woo *clap clap* (sorry zid lmao)
Unnamed Protagonist

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