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Badass Announcements of All Announcments!

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Badass Announcements of All Announcments!

Post by Dusknoir on Sun Jun 09, 2013 3:56 pm

'Ey, Everybody! This is the Showstopper/Headliner/Main Event back from over a two year hiatus with an epic announcement stating that I am NOT DEAD! Very Happy (That alone deserves a badass announcement, no? I think so...) The Best in the World has come back to what people know as the deadest forum in the history of forums since SuperSk--*shot*

Because of this, I'm gonna pretend to try and bring back this dead forum from it's grave! (Pretty much what i'm known for...resurrecting the dead/chats and what not...) Therefore, I have faith! (I'll fail regardless) One day, this @#!@ will be up and running one last time before I die! "Believe It!"

I'll eventually bring back the old crew, if they decide to waste their time in a dump like thi--I mean, in a very intriguing place with awesomeness written all over it.

*Eats a cookie* Well, that's about it. I might as well end this announcement with some stupid information that no one really cares about but people will need it here so they can just leave this post like a badass thinking "Oh, I just left the post without reading the whole thing! Muahaha!"
- I hit Prestige Master on BO2
- All Diamond Camos (I indeed "shine bright like a diamond".)
- Got a 3DS XL (Pokemon X/Y, here I come!)
- Still with my Beauty of a Tuba and it's been about...*checks calendar* Uh, 2 minutes! *slapped* I mean, more than 2 years!
- I continue liking cookies and Dr. Pepper and have developed an interest in Potatoes. (Because they're sexy.)

Anyways, Kudos to those who actually read the whole thing. I myself probably would have left ages ago! (I wouldn't have even posted it.)

That's enough out of me. Enjoy while the place slowly becomes awesome again!

Be Breezy!~




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Re: Badass Announcements of All Announcments!

Post by tristy on Tue Feb 18, 2014 7:48 pm

tfw 8 months later
still dead
rip in peace
Junior Member
Junior Member

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Re: Badass Announcements of All Announcments!

Post by Unnamed Protagonist on Tue Feb 18, 2014 8:02 pm

Rest in peace in peace. Okay then.
Unnamed Protagonist
Unnamed Protagonist

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Re: Badass Announcements of All Announcments!

Post by Sponsored content

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