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*Teh Wild Moemon Pidgey Appeared~!* Hellooooo-Uh, I mean, derp.

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*Teh Wild Moemon Pidgey Appeared~!* Hellooooo-Uh, I mean, derp.

Post by Icywolf on Mon May 13, 2013 2:27 am


Um, my name ish Icywolf as you can see. You can call me Icy or Icy-chan if you'd like ^^ I also have a TON of other nicknames, by they're kinda personal. Hehe xD

Um. Well it seems that I have run out of things to say. Lemme think for a moment. *Ten hours later*

Well I guess I'll talk about my interests and whatnot.

Let's see, I'm a hardcore Pokémon fan (duh), a pegasister, a really intense gamer if I do say so myself, and something else but I forgot it. OH WAIT I REMEMBER IT NOW - I'm also a shipper. So, if I get to know you people very well, there will be some shipping around here. So watch out.

And of course, I absolutely LOVE anime and manga. You could say that I'm a self-proclaimed otaku. I watch a TON of anime and manga. My most favourite anime of all time is pretty much a tie between Trigun and Soul Eater. Favourite manga is probably DBZ or Naruto.

Okay, since my computer is about to die, I think I'll stop right here for now. Um, I hope I have a good time here, hope you guys have a good day, and I'm out.

Oh, before I forget. I'm the daughter of Slender Man himself, and he will murder anyone who hurts or even lays a single finger on his children. Which includes me. Yeah. Okay, I'm out. Bye~ :3

*Teh Wild Moemon Pidgey flew away~!*
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Re: *Teh Wild Moemon Pidgey Appeared~!* Hellooooo-Uh, I mean, derp.

Post by Dusknoir on Sun Feb 09, 2014 11:11 pm

Close to a year late, but IcyWolf. ^_^ Don't know if we have ever met, but if we have, you'll surely remember me.




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