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Pokevania Wifi rules

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Pokevania Wifi rules

Post by Espeon1296 on Wed Aug 10, 2011 2:21 am

~Pokevania Wi-fi Rules~

1. Specify all the pokemon you are offering.
2. Don't post off topic conversations in the threads.
3. Don't post repeatedly.
4. Please watch your language. If you see a post or a thread that has bad language PLEASE report it to the mod or an admin.
5. Do not advertise or say "see my site" for trades or battles.
6. Don't post any inappropriate stuff. If you see any inappropriate stuff PLEASE report it to the mods or the admins.
7. Hacked pokemon are allowed.
8. Don't scam any other people.
9. Please when trading when the person is really looking for a legit pokemon please give them a legit pokemon instead of a hacked one.
10. Don’t offer or request pokemon for items/accounts for any other websites such as runescape or neopets.

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